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The Librarians season one

I finished watching the first season of The Librarians :-)
... well, I'll be :( of it being finished in a bit, but right now I'm all squee.

I like how they tied all the episodes together even if it was ridiculous.
All that running around fixing the world is very satisfying.

Lancelot is a dick though. Like, seriously. Ugh.

I like how it was Eve's story
the Librarians I mean
like it gives a bunch to all the characters but she ties it together.

I am slightly unsure if I like how they may or may not have meant Cassandra was a lesbian? I mean I thought the Prince Charming bit was fairly clear, with all the chatting up women, even if it was magically induced, but then it was coy about what her relationship with Eve was, and I just googled and found no word on it, and now I'm vaguely sad? But potentially happy? Why does TV do that?

I like how the story fancies Kane as much as I do. Always helpful. He gets to be all romantic and dreamy and I am here for that.

The bit where his character's thing was that he never really left home, and the drunk dad bit, that's ... I mean, character that would really get me, but you can't be yaay about those bits. But still, he's kind of perfect. Like if he was designed precisely for me. I want to keep him.

I at least a little want to keep all these characters, and it's really just fun to watch.

And I have a whole second season just waiting for me to watch it :-)

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