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Librarians season one

Today I have been mostly watching The Librarians season one.
As expected my desire to save them up and savour them failed to slow me down, so I have watched Many and have only two left.

They're not exactly meaty but they are a lot of fun. I like the characters. And as previously and frequently mentioned, I can watch Kane at great length and repeatedly.

I liked the one where they got sucked in to fairytales. He's just wandering around with an axe and a glove for a great big owl, because fairytale. But I also liked the bit where he's quoting Byron. I may listen to that again a few times. And every time he notices something about the architecture. Or when his worst self turns out to be just really grumpy about art. Or how he's just like the other Librarians, so enthused by the possibilities of all those texts he's in on his day off. Every time he geeks out about art.

His favourite things are my favourite things, making him once again one of my favourite things.

And every time something happens and he grabs up a sword.

And just... I'm heart eyes about him, unsurprisingly.

This is so fun.

But there's a maximum time I can go without checking the internet and today that is two discs. So.

But everyone should watch The Librarians so more squee.

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