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I win at christmas shopping

I especially win because the actually christmas-y parts of shopping I already had. except mum said to buy backup chips because the potato might not work.

We went to Tesco and ASDA and Sainsburys.

Tesco had some good shirts and some fluffy trousers for cheap. I got the shirt in blue but already am thinking I should have had red or black or both as well. Maybe go back later. Half my wardrobe is me buying all the color options of a thing.

ASDA had twenty four of five alive! Actually they had more extra, they had five alive on top of the shelves and the staff guy got them down. I bought twenty four and still left several for other shoppers. Excellent shopping. Means I probably don't have to go to ASDA next week.

Sainsburys have my apple thing and have been told I shop in daytime next week not evening. My apple thing is an order so I figured I should say. I also remembered to actually look at my list and so have bought the thing I came home three weeks running and thought doh because I'd forgot it. Yaay food. And I got batteries, because of vague feeling that christmas batteries always run out, even though I don't currently buy things that need them. But I think I swapped batteries on the zappers and there's maybe not many around? But they were buy one get one, so now I have 16 batteries. I suspect that is sufficient for a while.

and now we are home, half an hour early, after starting quarter of an hour late.

next week is daytime shopping and I shall think of many places to go so I can use up all the time. I can go to places that are not late night opening supermarkets. it shall be grand.

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