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I might have said this before

It's somewhere between hilarious and really annoying
that stories that 'ship Leonard Snart with anyone else
kind of treat Mick Rory as the slash wife.

You know, the canon relationship they'd rather wasn't there, so they have to either write him out of times he really ought to be there or explain why he doesn't count.
I mean the one I'm reading right now says it in so many words, Mick Rory doesn't count.

It's also being ablist as hell, cannot seem to distinguish between different mental illnesses, and says he doesn't even count as a friend because he's too mentally ill
so I suspect I shall not be finishing reading this one
and it's pretty far on the really annoying side of the scale

but when it's hilarious it's because as far as explicit canon goes, Mick shouldn't be an obstacle to romance
and yet
most every story treats him that way.

It's almost as if the queer reading of those two is the one that makes the most sense
and all canon did was chicken out of giving them the words or a kiss.


Also kind of hilarious are gifsets of Captain Canary that literally cut Mick out of the picture to make it look 'shippy

... and canon expecting us to read those two as romantic when pretty much every time they talk to each other it's either about not killing people or it's about Mick. I mean I'll have to rewatch with het goggles on but I felt they at best made Cold that guy who pulls by explaining how things are really rough in his marriage. which, you know, awkward, and not romantic.

their first kiss being over Mick's unconscious body is really weird on a meta level.
.. also, you know, just as a thing.

I want Caprain Cold back and I want him and Mick to keep doing that thing where they're choosing redemption over their relationship and then getting really angsty about it and ending up tempting their other half into the light. That would be a good story.

I fear canon instead doing that love of a good woman thing where the choice ends up looking like dumping the bad man for the good girl. that would suck. with thirty years of partnership on the line all the charge of their story is with each other.

... see also right back to the start above: why I keep noticing and finding implausible when Mick gets made somehow irrelevant.

Write more threesomes, is what I'm saying.

And more Coldwave.

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