beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

I am so bored of stories where the only problem is low self esteem
I mean they all go the same

oh no what if he doesn't like me I shall hide my regard for ever and ever
oh hey he noticed well now he'll never talk to me
... likes back? what do?
oh how so wonderful a being can like me, this will never work
*heartfelt compliment*
huh, they actually like me, well, guess I wasted those decades for nothing
*happily ever after*

... it so tedious. and generic. everyone can have implausible self esteem issues because they're only a super genius superhero with the body of a movie star, and then everyone be all fixed because someone says nice stuff.

and half the time the nice stuff is just achieving minimum standards of human interaction anyway.

even customised self esteem issues based around the age gap or educational disparities or the gap between public image and private knowledge, whilst superior characterisation, are still really, really played out.

I mean I can see how it's like chocolate chips and you could happily read a bunch of sweet where the payoff is that they like each other

but where's the ones that get into the really meaty issues and try and resolve actual conflicts?

... mostly being written as if only one side ever had a point and the resolution is total capitulation?

or just changing one character so there was never a problem in the first place.

eh, I'm just grouchy.

also, I know why people want to write fluff and cuddles, but when I'm reading about a mentally ill character and all the stories are about him managing his illness perfectly and chanelling his obsessions into productive useful skills and never ever hurting himself or anyone else ever again, I just kind of feel like some of these writers like him as long as he's polished up and convenient. which, no. and so one meaty issue of his relationships is now to cope with a partner who intermittently sets himself on fire.

but even canon has given up on that angle, so, that's... a thing.

like, there's so many stories all 'oh I should never have left you' and so few actually about why he left, ie the being on fire thing and how it's kind of hard on the relationship.

It's not one where it's going to happily ever after with a simple declaration. I mean, they'll have the same issues together as they would apart. because same brain.

except in canon the resident AI said something about helping his brain, and there's so many ways that story could go horribly wrong, and one of them is if the writers think there's only one wimple definition of fixed. so, apprehensive.

I mean if the AI in the ceiling turns out to have given you brain surgery without asking then you're suddenly in a very different genre.

whine whine I can't get new canon until practically next season, why does not tje world cater to me, whine whine.

I should start writing again and fill in these gaps.

I mean I keep starting the day with the plan to and ending it with no words done.

But a much tidier house.

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