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Table achieved!

My mum visited and helped with assembling the table.
Now I have a folding table with pretty shape legs.
I have this table

Also I did vacuum cleaning, even around the edges where the shelves used to be and it was Maximum Dust. And I tidied things away so there is just floor where floor should be. And I put the rug back down so now there is a pretty star rug and my new fold out table and nice chairs and a table cloth for xmas which is paper but has gold stars on it. Right now it is only a bit unfolded so it is a table runner on the skinny folded away table. It has the big red plate from last xmas in the middle. The big red plate is mostly for rolling dice without losing them but it's also festive.

And mum bought me a new tiny tree, and some lights. It is up on top of my bookshelves so it is Tallest Tree. Also the wooden snake is up there so I got out the red apple ornament. ... because wrong tree is funny? ... my sense of humour is peculiar.

Things look like I planned they would and I am plenty excited :-D

... I remember when I used to feel this way mostly about xmas presents, but now a new table and things actually fitting seems more useful.

Also today is was Cleaner Day. Because mum hears Cleaner Day and thinks great she'll be home all day, not oh she'll be busy doing cleaner day things. But I did the things so now all is clean also.

Maximum achievement!

... now I'm going back to bed or at least letting my back have a rest all the rest of the days to xmas. I have lifted almost every book in the last couple days. That is many hundreds books.

Time for a rest.

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