beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Clear win!

My living room is as empty-tidy as it gets!
... it is not vacuum tidy or sorted out tidy, but
I moved all the remaining book boxes and put them in a neat stack in the bedroom, and put the clothes rail and coat rack back as well.

So the bedroom only got the one night of being as elegant and sophisticated as it was in my head, but, it did look good.

Now there is as much floor space as there's going to be without getting rid of the piano
(I really wanted to get rid of the piano, I have tried to get rid of the piano, this is the second time at least I've meant to get rid of the piano by xmas and yet still it remains)
So now I hope there's enough floor space to construct the new table.

I really hope the new table has all its pieces. It has been sitting there ages waiting for me to get my act together. If it don't have all its pieces I don't even know if it's still being made.

But in theory if mum visits some time this week to help construct the table I can has a table for xmas.

which would be good because dinner has to go somewhere.

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