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Accidentally a soulbond

Dreamt a whole complicated thing with people from Angel, specifically Lorne and Lindsey, time travel, visions, and soul bonds.

I was waiting for Lorne to park the car, a lovely vintage thing with sharp fins and chrome and colors he'd matched his suit to. He parked wonky, got out, took three steps and dropped like a stone. Still breathing but nobody home. So I put him back in the car and went looking for help, but for almost three days I got nothing, not help or enemies or anyone.

Then a leader of the opposition turned up to wonder what I was doing in her territory, and I started to wonder back at her how this thing with Lorne and the missing allies had happened in her territory, but over her shoulder I saw Lindsey so instead hurried to politely disengage.

I walked up to Lindsey, stared at him like he was all the answers on the finals, until he noticed and realised something serious was up, then when he asked me what I fish mouthed a bit, turned, and quick marched away.

Oddly enough he was surprised and puzzled, so he chased after. He wanted to know what I was doing there, I wondered out loud at the coincidence of him getting back when team bad guy did, he got annoyed at my implication. Because obviously it's not fair to wonder if Lindsey McDonald sold you out. So he's being cranky and trying to get me to slow down and face him. I tried to tell him not here, to wait until we got somewhere safe, but he wasn't having it. H caught hold of my wrist to stay me.

And my magic reached out or him like he was all could keep me from falling.

I'd wanted to wait because I didn't want team bad guy to know I could do this. Didn't want them to know I could look at Lindsey and my second thought be wondering if it's him in there. Didn't want them to see I'd risk my magic to check, or that I could sense him that way, or that I knew him that well. But all those sensible precautions were so much smoke when he touched me, because all of me needed to know all of him, and tried right there behind a sunglasses spinner on the street.

Which magically speaking is a bit like setting out to lick someone all over, so, you know, not an in the street activity, generally speaking.

Also something he was somewhat surprised about. So now he's willing to let go and wait until we get back to base.

With a little coil of my magic reaching from my wrist to his where he'd touched me.

So we get to base, which is a big dark warehouse, and I start to debrief, though the dream was vague on who to because Lindsey is like the whole world right then. I get as far as saying. "... and I don't know what happened to Lorne but..." and Lindsey? Has his smug bastard on. "... you happened to Lorne."

"Nobody treats me like that. Nobody."

"... okay, I see that, but, I was going to say... I don't know what happened to Lorne but I'm kind of motivated to learn because without him my life expectancy is less than five years. At the outside."

Smug is gone, shock is here.

"I'd have to have all the visions. All of them. And one way or another, seers don't last. Not human seers. It's not intrinsic to us the way it is to him."

And Lindsey immediately starts talking reversal, but, slight problem, it can't be done from here. Can't be done from now. The only way to get a functioning demon back is to not have done the thing in the first place.

But magic being magic that is doable. As long as it's in the last little while, three days maybe, I can do it. It'll just mean this bit of time never happened for anyone else.

So the others start brainstorming my assignment should I choose this. But Lindsey, he laces our fingers together, and we sort of lead each other away, tugging and pushing and changing direction only to disagree on whose room we're heading for.

And the second things are private magic breathes through us, sparked and surging wherever we meet, and as it fills us we know each other totally.
And the magic takes like the click of key and lock, together in all ways. Soulbound.
After we're just lying there as close as we can get, breathing together, as close to one being as two humans can get.

But we don't have long. Deadline is creeping up on us.

So I collect my assignments, make sure I understand Lindsey's, and. settle down to have a vision. Lindsey is at my back to support me but time travel visions work different than usual. Usually visions have to be shared, one past one future, each. Gift of Janus the two faced, who sees past and future. But he's also god of doors and gates, so time travelling gate magic can be achieved. Then the person I'm having a vision with is me, earlier edition, and the vision is my life those few days. Which is risky, especially if your intent somehow offends your tutelary deity, such a large vision could burn your brain out all at once, but if it works? The visions fill you, and for one moment you remember equally vividly then and now, then the balance tilts. You wake up your earlier self with new knowledge, as much as you can remember.

At this point writing things down is probably a good idea. Like in exams. There's no looking it up again, and things are about to get busy.

So I groundhog the long weekend, which gets way more exciting knowing where I need to go, there's a sword fight where I surprise myself with my keen skills, but when I get where Lindsey sent me I'm surprised a whole lot more. Because Lindsey is already doing what he sent me to do. And he is using magic.

Familiar magic.

My magic.

So it turns out that a soulbound couple can and will have the visions together. All of them. Including the time travel sort.

So Lindsey, who I soulbonded with without really thinking it through on the assumption that those days were about to get rebooted, is now my permanent other half.

And really kind of smug about it. Fully cat cream. This is working out great for him.

And okay, there are advantages, tapping his sword skills is great, and tapping L is clearly greatness. Him tapping my spell book is... potentially less great if he doesn't understand how the deity is part of it.

But the big problem is I had now bound the eternal fate of my soul to Lindsey McDonald, and wow is that ever likely to go poorly.


Dreamed I soulbonded with someone right before I time travelled, on the assumption that timeline was about to be erased, but it turned out the soulbond meant automagically bringing my other half along when I travelled.

That has wider potential.

As does the idea of a Janus sponsored time travel team.

The bit where the soulbond introduces new limitations on the magic is interesting to work through too. Like, visions need to be shared, and now I can at any time, because we're one being with two faces. Janus is going to like that. But seers are lost faster if they see more, and now that will necessarily take down a partner too. Higher ability, far lower inclination. Also if we have messages to deliver we're going to need to find two other people to share a vision with, to get the four faces, the other Janus symbol. It's hard enough persuading one at a time to let magic in their heads. Two will be tricky, but sometimes required as the service part of the price of magic. Only that service is new to the soulbound other half, and not yet chosen. They can get the bad effects of breaking deals they never made. Same like I can with his. It's a bit of a mess.

But binding the magic that closely means being able to cast with at least twice the power, and if skills are shared we'd learn new things in half the time.

So sure we're going to burn out before the end of the series, but what a way to go.

But if even dream me had known the whole thing would be permanent then I like to think I'd have just not. Because wow is that a bad idea.

A bad idea that's still appealing more than a decade after the series ended, but still, a bad idea.

... that I would totally do, wouldn't I?

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