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The third bookcase has been emptied and cleaned and moved through to the bedroom.
I am mighty and efficient.
... effective, at least, efficiency probably requires fewer rest breaks, and also to realise the order I'll need to pick books up again in, since putting them in neat piles would have worked better if I hadn't got the first ones at the lower back that way.

The next bookcase will start with Dick. I could put Dick in a lower area but I decided Dick should be prominently displayed.
... I am easily amused.

the inventory says I have checked 451 books.
heh, good number.
also I have reshelved the vast majority of 451 books, some of them twice, because you've got to put books somewhere while moving the bookcase you're going to put books in.

that is a lot of books.
and I have walked between the living room and bedroom... let's say 400/6 times, very roughly, though it depends on the width of the books. probably less, but still, many.

okay, the rest breaks are appropriate.

I forgot to put a story on though, so today all i did was move books.

is good, i have books in correct places now.

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