beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

so far this morning I have found five books that were not in the catalog
yet are in the same box as many things that are in the catalog.

I am going to have to go through boxes really thoroughly.

this is also interfering with Project:Alphabetisation, where I have an ambition to get these things in proper alphabetical by author order on actual shelves, which would be a first in three generations.

I am going to have to buy more shelves, of course. Sufficient shelving is something to be aspired to, never yet achieved. I'm pretty happy with the DVD shelves aside from how long they took to make, so I'll order from the same dude and be chill about waiting.

But to do that I need to clear the piano out. Really and truly this time. Seeing as this is the second or third christmas I've blown my personal 'before christmas' deadline.

Also to do is actually assemble the table I intend to eat xmas dinner at. but that requires two people, and some actual floor space, so books go first.

still, I have one whole bookcase in alphabetical order, three more that probably are, and room on top for the outsize and otherwise awkward. onward!

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