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I dreamed Mick Rory, and that he could pick me up with one hand.


Also dreamed we were questing for treasure map only it was in nine overlapping pieces and they were all tattoos. We had to somehow persuade all those people to show us their ink. And many had it in hard to reach places.

One guy we had to figure out what crimes he'd done, get him arrested, and then make like his ink was absolutely necessary to his prosecution. I mean he'd offered to show us for sex, but, he was kind of a dick, so our plan a was the arrest thing.

Mick was even worse burnt than in the show, and miserable, and alone. He was neing hunted for some reason and didn't think anyone would put up with all his trouble to get him.

This turned into a whole thing with magic healing. Hot magic healing.

not my most coherent dream, but fun.

Yesterday I dreamt there were AI androids but they had no free will. There was an emancipation code that would let them integrate in such a way they got that spark, but it destroyed a clear half of those that had it tried on them. No other method had ever worked, just this high stakes one. So that left a complex moral problem.

Like, if you didn't think an AI with no free will was a person, you wouldn't be killing people to attempt freeing them, but you also would not be inclined to waste valuable androids on making crazy independents.

... crazy is relative, but the free willed AI had very different ways of thinking and did not aspire to be human. Being 'raised' by humans hadn't given them the grounding they needed, so they were all different sorts of quirked. But as free willed beings of course they were.

But if you think of AI as people, enslaved, then emancipation by randomly killing half of them is a really damn high cost. And you can't get informed consent from a being that isn't free willed yet. They're less aware of their preferences than babies. So someone has to do the deciding. And if you leave it to the AI that are already free? See above about quirked crazy thought processes. There's no proving they've got capacity. They're a weird mix of expert systems and very young minds. And they specifically don't understand death, it's too foreign to their experience. But it's provable that two AI emancipated from the same original operating system or even same backup copy will turn into very different individuals, so death is relevant as a concept.

Dream me solved this quandry by reading out the emancipation code on the BBC.

Awake me feels she should have showed her working rather more, but okay, that would result in the 'birth' of a great many free willed individuals, when nothing else discovered could yet. But still.

There was also a lot of running around trying to make peace with a guy I'd chucked down the stairs, who turned out to be unkillable but still easy to damage, so he'd had a really bad day. Also his housemates turned out to be people I already knew and hadn't wanted to piss off. That was messy. But illustrated how making enemies is a really bad idea.

The one with the 'time traveller' guy who existed in extra dimensions and could see time like we could see space was mostly kind of cute. He got flustered by small touches and could never seem to tune his social interactions to precisely the right intimacy. Turned out we were together in the 'future', but only if I chose that path freely and didn't feel weirdly pressured, and he spent most of his days trying to figure out where exactly we were and if he could kiss me yet.


But then there was the bit where he was explaining why he wouldn't take me to meet his people, and he reckoned that his dimension would destroy many or even most humans. I reckoned it would be interesting enough to be worth the risk, and he maintained that was crazy, so I found like a lecture theatre full of people and asked if they'd risk an unknown probability of destruction to get to go where no human has been before. And like half the room put their hands up yes. And he was just so frustrate with us. Weird blind humans who would just do things like that.

It's kind of the same problem as the AI thing but from a different angle. His dimension would change our consciousness in ways that would at nest look crazy to the unchanged sorts, so nobody could assess the reliability of reports it was worth it. But I knew him and the way he saw things seemed worth a lot. So do you flip the coin and see what you become?

Reckon there's always a supply of them as would.

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