beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

I have discovered the Inventory function on LibraryThing and have passed a pleasant hour or two pushing the little button to mark books as Definitely Still Here.
... and a less pleasant mumblety minutes looking everywhere and everywhere yo find the Pratchett Portfolio, which was somehow not on the Pratchett shelves.
... it was under a stack of home decorating magazines. I have so many of those, and I'm pretty bored of them now. I should tear out interesting pages and get rid of them.

it's not that my house is done, leading to a lack of need for inspiration, it's that my decorating decisions have stayed decided for ages now, they're just not easily achievable. I mean I thought I'd booked someone to put the wallpaper up but I haven't heard a peep from them since they said 'about three weeks' and they'd call me, and that was a couple months ago. EVERYthing is like that, I try and find worker, I get run around. Mum says it's because all tasks are small. Which leaves me with a heap of supplies and no workman. boo.

inventory is much more satisfying. except now I have to decide if I'm putting the shelves back in the bedroom, which means deciding if I'm giving up on the decorator for this year, which I think would be logical but is annoying so I'm whining to the internet first. *waves*

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