beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Many Dances

It was the last dance class of the year so we did dressing up and trying lots of old dances. Teacher reckoned I wouldn't know them, because been away long and long. But I knew seven dances :-)
... not well enough to figure where my feet go. or where I should be moving around the floor to, so I did mostly sitting down dancing, but still, I have studied Many, and would only need to polish the memory up a bit.

I wore long gloves with the shinies down the side, and a waist scarf with jangly coins. I do not have xmas costume. Nut others were a nun or... well, one person brought a whole bag and changed between dances, over the top of a batgirl with a cape, so there was not really an overarching theme.

Teacher gave us all cards and presents :-)
I shall find out what present on present opening day.
but, present :-)

Asda was adequate, Sainsbury's had my foods, and I found the paper tablecloth I need for xmas, with gold stars.

Pretty good day.

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Tags: dances, shopping
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