beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

I watched The Librarians season one Christmas episode
and now I have feels I was not prepared for.
I mean it looks like it's just going to be deeply silly running around having fun, and then boom, heavy stuff montage.

So that was a thing.

I think I love Jacob Stone rather a lot. I mean looking like that I'd want to, obviously, but, talking like that? Architecture is just art we live in. And his genuine enthusiasm for his subject area is just... and all the code switching and translation? Not that I could watch that bit with the sound on because can see the joke coming and squirmy embarrassment is not a favourite thing, but, he is so good with words. And then the physical confidence as well? And! Grabbing the arts to threaten, but, diving across the room when it looks like one of them really might get hurt, cause he can't. I just... his favourite thing is my favourite thing, can he be my favourite thing now?

So, I am having fun.

And I am warming up to the rest of the characters too, because there are in fact several.

And the compass rose they have on the floor under their main table is going in the file of me trying to find the perfectly perfect one to get a tattoo of. I mean my tattoo plans remain plans, but, in theory. That and the Waverider are both good.


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Tags: television, the librarians
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