beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

What if all crit fails were entities?
Like, always a demon, but you don't know what point total or how long it is there for.
18 would remain the 200ish point permanent demon, but you could also get imps of much lower value, or a five minute summoning. ... though actually five minutes is a lot of combat rounds, I'm not sure how much practical difference that would be.

The kind of crit fails where if just does damage, backfires, hits a wrong target, only appears to work, or does a comedy fx curse instead of actual spell, those are good too though.


what if all always demons.
or elementals.
or undead.

... a five minute accidental reanimation would be pretty terrifying, and potentially just as bad when it wears off.

... a low point cost elemental might just be like a lighter flame, kind of hanging out on its own.

I just like the idea of a one in two hundred and sixteen chance of summoning a thing. but to make it survivable a lot of them would have to be pretty small things.

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Tags: gurps, rpg
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