beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

I think I am bored of Avengers fic.
Like to the point of having to figure I've changed fandoms.

I blame Civil War. Fic since then divides between stuff that ignores it completely or 'fixits' that ... I don't feel fixed anything. Also everyone is writing Steve and Bucky, and I can see why, but don't really feel it. Like, from before the ice, sure. But after he's Winter Soldier the issues become people not seeing him as he is, just as they hope or fear he'll be, so then it's... awkward however that gets resolved, especially if it involves dating Steve who is so thoroughly invested in getting him back. Like, Bucky finally gets back from war, good story, but striking the right balance in how they've both changed... a lot of fic just makes me sad one way or another. But, since civil war, my long time preferred Steve/Tony has to deal with the thing where Tony tried to kick Bucky's head in, and that's just plain depressing. Tony has to be a worse guy than I wanted him to be if his feelings led to suit assisted unjust violence. So.

Also team fic gets difficult if there are only shattered remnants of team.

Meanwhile Clint/Coulson fic has been living in denial at least since Age of Ultron, and hardly anyone did the obvious to me poly thing, even with Coulson in Agents of Shield having that little speech about having to choose between Shield life and normal life with kids. Like you can get a complete explanation for Coulson staying away and a bunch of issues to resolve. But next to no one did. And then Agents of Shield kept going but I see fewer people talking about it, and it didn't do things I was hoping for, and did a lot I didn't like, and I stopped watching. Though that was also because the recorder box stopped recording it. But still. It isn't a canon I spend much time thinking about any more.

And the latest MCU offering I'm deliberately avoiding, even though I know I'll like some bits of it, because added together it just seemed a mess. And I'm not enthused about the next couple movies they're advertising. And I don't watch the netflix stuff. And basically the whole 'verse zigged where I wanted to zag and I'm just... not feeling it any more.

Whereas Legends of Tomorrow and the Rogues parts of the Flash have ate my brain. Even though I am not sure they are in fact good. They just... they grabbed me by all the feels now.

So, Avengers may in fact be a former fandom now. Which would be sad.

Especially since I have twenty eight pages of marked for later unread fic, but none of it is Legends fic, because I've read all that in my preferred pairing already and am well into reading pairings I only half fancy with preoccupations I'm just not that into.

I should write fic so there's more of the stuff I like.

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