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1990 The Flash season one

I have finished watching nineties Flash.

It wasn't very good.

The last three episodes had a bank robber who could make everyone sleep, but if they slept two hours it would kill them. Two hours is too long though, they had to time skip and it didn't quite make sense. Tina saved the say with an invention, which was yaay, but it shouldn't have worked because she wasn't wearing it when the weapon activated, which was an easily fixed unyaay. Barry Allen got suspected of being an accomplice, and that was a waste of a story, because of the too episodic nature of the show. Like, he was a suspect because he was allegedly in debt, only it was a computer error, which made it boring. If Barry's life had consequences and his increased need for food was running his wallet empty like it did for funny in the last episode, if he had real actual debts because of the increased costs of being the Flash, that's much more interesting. Also if anyone of the regular character or his colleagues or the police at all actually believed he was a suspect then you end up with tension. Tension makes drama. Why waste that? And the biggie ought to be that his best defence is to out himself as the Flash, because as a speedster if he wanted to steal those things you wouldn't even see him try it. Also he was there stopping the crimes so it wouldn't be easily persuasive. Tension, a choice to be made, drama and consequences. Instead he broke out of jail to fix things single handed and then broke back in so nobody could prove he did that. No consequences, no drama. Waste of a plot.

I mean the characters aren't characters in this show, they're just sketches doing stuff, and it doesn't work very well.

Then there was Alpha. Alpha is a female robot intended to be an assassin. Opening shot pans up from below and focuses on her butt, though she's in tactical gear so in theory it will be a surprise when the mask comes off and she's a she. But when was the last time the camera treated a man like that? Even Spike had his butt covered. With less tight stuff I mean, there wasn't nudity. The way the camera treats women different is just deeply weird.

Also the story of a self aware robot learning morality doesn't seem to me to be a throwaway plot.

And it should be an in to plots about the government being super shady about creations of science that can be put to weapons use. Like the one with the clone of Barry. But there aren't consequences, so, not so much.

Barry's favourite snitch was in a bunch of episodes though. I mean very few of the women characters ever get to come back at all, but random snitch dude does. It's kind of like how there are only two talking police officers. And every police is a guy. When they were protecting a lady in a home for young mothers they dressed those two up as women even though one has facial hair. Because it's funny. But when you think about it they just implied there are no female cops in central city. and google says there have been female us cops since 1910.


Alpha had interesting possibilities but did little with them.

And the last episode was the second Trickster episode.
Trickster is more interesting than pretty much the whole rest of season.
But when he got out machine guns I got bored. I mean it was like a grim gritty reboot of his character for his second appearance, and he was plenty dark enough already.
Also they played up his mental illness without anyone taking it seriously as illness, he was portrayed as manipulative, even though he clearly has trouble keeping his personalities safe, the other characters acted like it was a stupid excuse.

Interesting attempts at a theme, with the multiple personality stuff, Barry grumping he's having problems with his alternate Flash persona, and Trickster never taking the Flash's mask because to Trickster the Flash is the real part and under that is just some boring guy. But the episodes don't have enough character depth to do much with it. I mean we never get much sense of which bits of Barry feel split by his decision to keep his masked life secret, especially since the women in this episode both know both sides of him already. So it doesn't have much to work with.

There's a thing where James Jesse was going to quit being Trickster until a woman decided she was Prank and pulled him back in. Then Flash got captured and brainwashed into a sort of Trickster sidekick version. But Tina got to him and reminded him who he really was.

So there was a thing about relationships shaping you.

Trickster treated Prank poorly and ended up kicking her out a moving vehicle. Also there was a whole sequence in the middle where he liked the Flash more than he liked his alleged girlfriend. I do not want to write that particular slash pairing, Trickster is way too ill.

Prank getting kicked around and coming back for more reminded me of Harley Quinn, but it's a single episode so she learnt nothing.

Also the episode kept calling her crazy, but she was mostly creepy manipulative and had a little speech about going for ever bigger thrills and Trickster being the biggest.

I don't know, comic book derived stuff is never great on mental illness, but this one was off without being awful enough for me to be sure where and why and what they were even trying to do.

It had good elements, stuff about identity, a bit in the court that seemed a fair point about how Trickster couldn't get a fair trial in Central, and there was a giant media circus around Trickster that seemed depressingly possible. Barry and Megan and Tina didn't seem full of feels because Barry kisses a different girl every week, so it didn't seem like much of a choice when he didn't choose her. But it could have been. And one woman is a detective and the other a scientist, different sides of his day job, and staying where he is leaves him financially worse off and short of time to achieve what either woman thinks he could in their field. So that could be set up proper.

But it wasn't, so it was just Trickster and Flash in too many colors blowing things up.

And that's the last episode for forever.

Trickster's part could still have happened with very little alteration because 'Prank' fixating on him is not Flash dependent. So what I wanted to know as possible background for new Flash is now known.

But I'm kind of frustrated that all those parts didn't go together to better effect. It could have been a lot better.


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