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1990 The Flash

I watched the one with Mirror Master. It didn't use any mirrors. It went to a fun fair only to ha e a static conversation that could have happened anywhere. It didn't have funhouse mirrors or a chase through a mirror maze. It did, eventually, have like a shaving mirror set up to bounce a laser for a death trap, but I got the feeling they were like 'oops no mirrors' and just chucked a mirror in for no readily apparent reason.

Unfortunately that is fairly representative of the level of skill as foes into the writing of this show. They keep missing the slow balls amd it's sad.

Also they had a genius discover a fire, fail to follow basic fir safety instructions such as hitting the fire alarm, and then take the sudden appearance from thin air of firemen at face value. A genius. And a woman. Guess which weighed mor on the plot here?

Also for a woman Barry always says is his partner getting him ot of trouble she don't do a whole hell of a lot.


Also a different woman kisses Barry every week and yet Tina is still supposed to be some kind of romantic interest? Ugh. How do they think women work anyway?

And they had a girl criminal in this one, introduced by looking at her cleavage as she types and hacks into a computer system. Guess which is more important to the plot after that point? :eyeroll:

I'm bored and sad of this show. I cannot lower my expectations enough to find it fun.

I just want to take all the elements of this one - mirror master, illusions, girl from high school, deception, vanity... and whatever was going on with Tina's subplot with her mum, that was about her being very self centered but then they said a couple sentences and hugged so it's all okay now... what would I do with that... both women are seeing in the other the reactions they actually had? Imperfect mirrors of opinions of those close to us? How parents want a little reflection and get a person instead? Something. And the high school bit of Barry's plot gives us nostalgia and ... well, high school, for all the messes that had. It's like Tina's plot had all the right ingredients but didn't do anything with them. I don't know. But I do know that Mirror Master should use the actually mirror based parts of his powers, even if they're going for a high tech feel instead of the pure weirdness that could bring.

It's frustrating when I feel sure I could brainstorm something better in a half hour than they actually got money to make.

Yes I'm adjusting for the nineties, even so.

Not many episodes left to go but it's so annoying I keep only watching one a day so it's taking forever.

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