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Today I dreamt speedster powers were a form of Celerity. And suddenly the ‘verse gets a whole lot more goth.

Eobard did diablerie on Wells but it didn’t do quite what he expected.

Some of Barry’s powers look like what the wiki calls Temporis, a ‘True Brujah’ power known by people who suppress or lose their emotions. Can you imagine a less Barry thing? Boy is made of feels. But the time travel thing, even over a single day, is the most super advanced version, only available to very lowest gens, so that plus Barry being maybe the first speedster equals… all the power of a methuselah, none of the torpor, and born in the modern nights?

Mixing the two ‘verses is tonally jarring but gives a whole new angle on why people might fear metahumans. Even if they make extensive use of the blood bank, to do what Barry does nightly would take one hell of a blood drive.

But it would make powers a sight easier to spread around…

Of course my dreams being complex crossovers I also dreamt Malcolm Reed was a vampire, of a significantly less powerful generation than Eobard!Wells, and they both wanted to make me their ghoul. Which was way more fun than it logically ought to be. But it was complicated because I was working undercover for Maria Hill to uncover Hydra infiltration, and Malcolm was doing the same thing for another organisation, and Eo didn't know about either angle, and of course his team didn't know about his true origins or alignment, and they charged to my 'rescue' when things with Malcolm started getting good. Which is really more factions in one story than is practical, but still not that many in the grand scheme.

Malcolm, not a vampire, fitting in to Star Labs... well he is an inventor, or possibly he mostly gets other people's inventions working right. It'd feel weird to bring him without Trip though. And neither of their specialities are really particle accelerator related, but once things get all time travel and multiverse and having to invent and defend, that seems like more their gig.

Eobard Thawne in Star Trek would only be on his way to finding speedsters. But you can fit a time traveller in anywhere.

I'm kind of fed up of only dreaming me superpowered if also somehow vampiric. I am not a leech. But sometimes it seems like the only appropriate metaphor for capitalism, and it's a bit difficult to just up and not be benefiting from that, however badly it's draining the system.

... all those years of college means I can start out thinking vampire sex and end up at ideology. lovely.

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