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1990 The Flash, the one with the clone

I purely don't understand stories that treat clones as something different than humans. I mean there's a person right there in front of them, how on earth does it matter how they got there? Except in terms of experiences a forced growth clone who has never left the lab is indeed very different, so I guess I mean I don't understand when they're treated as inferior or less worthy of human rights or in any way less worth mourning.

But we got a one off episode with a clone Barry, and all Barry got from it was a sense of his own mortality, not any lingering grief for his short lived brother-son. Twin made from his dna who lives only a short while is just a kid and a relative. Why the bit in the middle of the story where they treat that as not obvious?

Well so they can have the drama of that resolved with the happy we're all people two or three sentences. And then undermine that by never treating him as such.

Every way to look at another person and doubt they're just as much a person as you are? Treating people as things? That's where evil starts.

I'm also super tired because they did the thing where he has the mind of a child in an adult body. So it's basically a story about intellectual disability. Without it knowing that. So they do the reinvent the wheel bit and the whole story is oh no he has adult strength but doesn't understand consequences, how unprecedented, there is no guidebook, what do what do. And then they duck responsibility and resolution for that and just kill him off. Because having a sad tragic reference to Frankenstein and sacrifice to save the progenitor is a nice tidy story with an awww at the end, and committing to spending a fair chunk of your life helping him is not.

How about stories never again treat disability and mental illness with a good being killed, hmmm?
Yes I know this one was 1991 but it's not like it gets less relevant.

So blergh to this episode.

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