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Sometimes I wonder if a plot bunny is too kinky to work (but, internet, so)
or if an idea is worky or I'm just unwisely lonely.

Like: demonic possession is always writ like it's a bad thing, but have they just tried couples counselling?

There's an Ethan/Lindsey fic (Dealing by Estepheia) where the plot rather hinges on the fact that willing and enthusiastic consent is not necessarily informed.

So, imagine, a demon seducing a new host, who invites them in, but is perhaps not in a frame of mind to have entirely thought this through.

It goes manky when they can't change their mind, of course. Demons being demons, there's always a gotcha moment where someone realises they've signed up to forever.

... my inclination to treat this as some kind of arranged marriage AU leads off into Regency AU territory where a society entirely used to the possibilities of demonic ... arrangements... is terribly well mannered and yet, being made of people, still entirely full of ways to get your characters up the tree and throw rocks at them.

Demons as Mr Darcy, initially terrible but, informed by their contact with their potential host, changing their ways entirely, and eventually winning them over.

... entire genres of in universe fiction where it's all terribly romantic and you 'save' your demons with True Love, decried by at least some priesthoods as being propaganda meant to lead souls astray.

Demonic hierarchies and dependencies and having a Duty one cannot avoid but wanting this time to be different.

Entire yearning/having cycles complicated by the fact that making love means the demon changes hosts so there's now an abandoned ex in the picture, possibly to one's great surprise.

Having to get along with the new roommate because being homeless would kill them, only the room in question is your brain.

I mean I can see how them being a demon is problematic, but it's a whole set of new spins on familiar tropes, and then grand cosmic power for getting it right.

But possibly grand cosmic power that leads you into hell. Or to becoming one with the demon in kind of a host and symbiote way, be that more goa'uld or trill. Possibly knowing your soul will never reach heaven on account of that new unity meaning you are, now, a demon, with the memories and skills of your former beloved.

So many ways to be awkward, so many ways to try and get along.

I like the Bujold version demons where they've been one with hosts starting in the animal kingdom and they learn and grow as they go along.

But demons as a specific kind of ghost that remembers life and is being kind of a dick about holding on

or like the other day, thaumic elementals that take an imprint and everyone just argues without provable resolution about if they're trapped souls or deceitful illusions or some new kind of being.

Major magical explosion as deliberate prison break from a thaumic elemental plane that's grand for elementals native to it but purely crazy making destructive to the kind that remember corporeal humanity.

Trying to get along with beings who will happily offer everything you ask for but not be real clear about the degree of peril in the consequences.

Trying to rescue an overshadowed or eclipsed person, someone who made a deal but their loved ones believe the real them is still in there somewhere under what the demon did to them. And my first reaction to that is a disability led revulsion because people are people even if they change and you don't get to lift the awkward bits out and get a normal person back, but stating that is a lot less involving than showing variations. 'Saving' someone who then works to reunite themselves? Saving someone but being just as annoyed at the restored version? Saving someone then realising you loved the demon?

There's a lot of lauers of story.

But I feel I would be better off finding none of them appealing.

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