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1990 The Flash Deadly Nightshade and Captain Cold

1990 Flash isn't very good. Their version of Captain Cold isn't even punny. Also he's an evil albino mercenary who ends up frozen solid.

The reporter lady who works for the kind of paper who will print Flash stories before anyone believes in them was potentially interesting but they made her super annoying and 100% wrong. She sets a trap for the Flash so she can interview him without thinking through that she sets a trap for the Flash and there's a supervillain also trying to do that. Also she's super annoying and bad with people and tells lies a lot but thinks she's a great reporter. The episode is there to tell her to quit her day job. Because Flash knows best. Blah.

Also the thing where a different woman tries to date Flash every episode is just really tiresome. But I want to make speed dating jokes.

Deadly Nightshade was funny because Nightshade is the local pulp hero, long retired, Flash has been getting advice from, and Deadly Nightshade is the grimdark reboot version. Like Nightshade has knockout darts and Deadly Nightshade has machine guns. Watching it I just kept thinking that if this was a *late* 90s show the grimdark reboot would have replaced the other one, instead of getting carted off to prison being called crazy. The story had a psychiatrist called Rebecca Frost who was there to call the Flash an adolescent fantasy and be proved wrong by the end. Again with the clumsy telling off of women trying to do their jobs. She would b much more interesting actually trying to understand vigilante psychology and launching a discussion about values.

Mostly the ep was interesting because Richard Burgi, Jeri Ryan and Denise Crosby.

So now I'm thinking of Deadly Nightshade getting out of prison and trying to show modern Flash how it should be done and launching a discussion about vigilante morality with better writers.

I keep trying to adjust my expectations down to the cartoony thing Flash keeps trying to be but I keep on thinking it's just bad anyway. Boo.

Want to use it for parts still, more or less, but it's not a rich vein.

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