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Class episode 1.08

I don't know quite what to do with that.

I mean, I have reactions, but my main one is utter exhaustion at the death rate of characters of color on TV. Because once again, guess who doesn't make it to the end of the season? It's lovely having a diverse main cast, but how does a writer just see that as more brown people to kill? And I mean I can see reasons why they wrote it that way and why those particular characters in that setup were the ones that went, but. Seriously. Do some counting. Run the math. And stop.

After that reaction... second biggest feeling was that couldn't have had TO BE CONTINUED writ louder if it tried. And that made it really damn unsatisfying. It didn't feel paid off and resolved, it felt like before we saw how this story worked out they were telling us to wait for the next one.

And the final layer of reaction that's actually about this story?
... I like a little more hope in my myths, please. Like, any. I like the idea that people of good conscience can find a way through that doesn't destroy them. In general. And the ending got weird, but it didn't exactly go there.


Mostly now I want to hug all the characters and give them to a writer with a different ethos.

Quill though... on the most shallow level, does anyone know where to get Quill's shirt? Because that looked awesome. But most everything else about Quill left me rather puzzled.

Also, didn't her gun work very differently before this? Like, wasn't it a large plot point that it worked differently? And, correct me if I'm wrong, but did the shadows not react quite differently to light last time? I'm confused.

I mean I watched all the previous episodes in a row last weekend and I'm left with a vague feeling the writers did not.

That's not really what you look for in a climactic battle.

I mean even visually if you want the light of all those souls to shine in the darkness sufficient to burn the shadows away, you do not in general envisage this on a sunny day. You've got a whole metaphor going on, why skip it on the dismount?

I'm puzzled by many of the decisions.

But Charlie being a Prince despite being the sole survivor and then becoming King by literally becoming what destroyed his people, that was epic. I can see the bones of that and it had both the small personal moment and the epic F&SF moment. And I love how he kept it together until he realised he wouldn't die and just lost it. Living with the consequences is going to be harder.

Except they fuzzied up those consequences rather.

So I can see plot threads I'm supposed to be interested in.

I just have to dig a lot to get to that layer of reaction under Done and Why.

When is next season of Class then?
Is next season?
Because I feel the structure of that episode only made sense if they're absolutely certain of a next season, and indeed one in the really near future. As a mid season finale it'd be fine. But I can't find word one about renewal so I'm puzzled about their priorities.

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