beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Do you ever just wake up with your brain Too Busy?

I woke up from a dream about electronic voting and the several weaknesses thereof and how utterly sketchy it is if one wide says they'll only accept results spat out by a machine.

My brain immediately launched into the Human Rights for Non Humans speech, and how important it is for all the varied humanities, all the sorts of people, to have equal rights to life liberty pursuit of happiness and due process of law, not least because if they don't then I Thought It Wasn't Human becomes a viable legal defence, and by now it seems I really can do that speech in my sleep, with multiple cites to different F&SF, but this time it got all flavoured with should I even run as a third party candidate under the current voting system when we've seen how much that can screw things over?

And also tangent about Stargate SG 1 and the many ways they were doing it wrong.

Aaaaand in my head is stuck on repeat simultaneously
that Chim chiminee song from Mary Poppins
and Bad Girls Do It Well live fast die young chim chim chereee

aaaaaall of this all at once as I woke up.

Also now I'm wondering if I should research real human rights law and lawyer speak so I can have a new layer on my Rights For Everyone speech.

Plus today there was a bonus bit about how non verbal doesn't mean non human even if really hairy and What About Shifters and really we need a practical set of rules for treating everything well even if we don't know if it is a person. I mean if dryad rights are relevant we need to stop logging like yesterday.

... yeah from where I'm standing this is disability rights in fancy dress, the assumption that not moving like the norm and not making same talk noises means they're in some way not as much a person is epically creepy. I mean I hope it's not a default assumption but somewhere in the thought processes something has to explain why people address the carer not the person they want to know about.

And this is all in there as I wake up, like boom, have a thinking everything at once.

Too Busy.

I shall put some music on and hope I end up with one song at once instead of three.

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