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1990 The Flash

Just watched an episode where nineties Flash did a time travel
to the faaaaar distant future
of 2001

His nemesis had taken over as mayor of central, renamed the city, and turned it into a whole black and red themed police state which smashed windows and banned sales of Flash toys.

I was having a whole suspension of disbelief problem, I've got to admit.

I mean his nemesis is an ordinary criminal who led a bike gang. I know what they were going for with speed and all but it's not exactly in a super's weight class. So then the idea is a regular criminal guy can take over the city in ten years. Solely because the Flash went away. The cops are other processes of law and government are useless. And then he can run it without interference. Despite the mayor of a city not actually being the ultimate arbiter of law and order. I mean he was zapping brains with a brain zapping machine without a trial, even in America that needs more paperwork.

So they hadn't really sold their setup there.

Also they said this nemesis dude got let out of prison on a technicality. Would that be the one where he was 'arrested' by a vigilante, who threw him in the electric thingy, and then probably didn't turn up to the trial? Because those seem like relevant technicalities to explore. But no, it didn't get that specific.

If you're going to do a 'world without Flash' flashforward this isn't the way to do it, basically, and this show's idea of a nemesis needs work.

... though to be fair I'd probably believe it of Mayor Snart.
... but Len isn't in the habit of confessing to murder in the middle of a crowded restaurant, so, slight difference in competence there.

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