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I find I'm getting increasingly annoyed with mpreg stories where they have to do some weird superscience on accident just to get them pregnant.
Just make them trans. Just write it like it never came up before and oops, now a baby. That is a thing that is actually possible, no loop the loops required.

Yes I know it's a whole seperate narrative niche
I just
I get cranky.

Actually accidentally a baby also makes me cranky
does no one in fiction actually try on purpose?

I tealise most of them are actually actively saving the world a lot
but they seem to live in worlds where this is continually required
yet population replenishment also happens.

Have people juggle on purpose
let them make decisions
let them have bodies that can actually exist.

There's so much more mpreg than trans fic though, it's... making me cranky.

Plus also I have a headache.

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Tags: headache, meta
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