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today I woke up at 1235 and sprung out of bed in an instant, having realised I forgot to set my alarm for Cleaner Day.
this is apparently a recipe for feeling exhausted blergh and dizzy.
dizzy is annoying so now I'm sitting down and having a juice drink and the cleaner is doing the cleaner jobs.

I need more swing bin liners as well as more bathroom cleaner spray. I'm on the wrong device to write that down in the right place.

The new new loo seat is here and so far it is probably not broken. Only probably though because unwrapping it to check is a task I have had to sit down and undizzy instead twice.

... I don't know what job the government think I could get fit for, this is a pretty average week and I've had chaotic sleep patterns and am now failing at Cleaner Day even though my half is easy.

I mean this is why I wait until the cleaner is here to attempt task, because alone doesn't work.

I'd be a shining help in the workplace, clearly.

... but I'm in the support group so thus far even the government do in fact know I'm useless so I should stop worrying.


So far we have successfully replaced the bag in the vacuum cleaner. I don't know if the old one was in there the right way round, that could explain the weird noises. It seems correct now.

Cleaner is much more efficient than me and has taken out the bins and cleaned the kitchen while I was typing all this.

I dreamed I was a lab tech back in my old high school, but only for one specific teacher because clearly I couldn't keep up with all of them. Then I really realised my degree was in English and went off to be a monk instead. But the monks were some sort of evil hive mind. So then I was just wandering around dodgy places, which were the usual places but after dark so of course they are suddenly dodgy. I had decided to get an unwise impulse buy tattoo and was looking through books for a decent dragon when I woke up.

Awake I remember I wanted a dragon that looks like the one 'Tosh' painted on the wall at Torchwood, but haven't got it because I haven't even been to Wales so getting their flag dragon is a bit daft, and also because I consistently chicken out of getting tattoos even when I've wanted the same designs for twenty years (seal of rasillon left shoulder, stargate dial home left forearm, great big tree on my back. though sometimes I dither and think maybe not an oak tree? but probably an oak tree since I always go back to that.)

I like the ink I've got but i increasingly dislike that I never get around to getting the rest.

also right arm is short of plans for ink because left is input and right is output and thus far I done nothing. bit of a problem. though when I do do anything I'll have to be sure it has some decent abstract symbols to become ink.

I also have been thinking of getting a tattoo of them swirlies around the stairs at the orpheum in vancouver. you've seen them bunches but probably weren't paying attention. they've been in episodes in my fandoms from highlander to flash. also they're pretty. hasn't the half of things filmed there.

... interruption because the new new loo seat fell apart as it was neing attached, because as it turns out the hinges weren't stuck to the seat. So I phoned the deliveries place again.

I could maybe fix it with superglue but I do not have superglue and also that is not the point.

two of the thing both busted. no sparkle loo seat for me.

also I had to use the phone and also phone back after it cut off which was weird.
bleegh, today is not best.
and I didn't get stuff delivered so I have no apple things to make up for it. that plan may be efficient but it's not very interesting.

but the vacuum cleaner appears to work, so, there's that?

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