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Class episode two

This might be gorier than I'm really up for. I mean I know I watched Torchwood but I had to get really analytical on some of those episodes to avoid being freaked out. Skinned bodies are just... a bit much.

Also my tablet gets rather hot watching video. not awesome.

The characters and plots and everything are proper complex and I like the rather a lot. I'm never keen on shows where they come up with reasons you can't tell the adults. I mean, I used to feel like that was the way things worked, when I was the teenager one, but then I realised that was never to my advantage and now I just want to write about proper communication saving the world a lot because nothing sucks more than being stuck in the worst stuff and thinking you have to be alone with it. So I was cross with the episode right up until it resolved with him telling his dad. Who seems a bit out of his depth but supportive, so that's good.

Also I realise Quill is technically an adult but she's so sideways it seems like a third category. I still like her rather a lot though.

Ways the writing is really good - the victims of the week had a couple of sentences if that to get characterisation, and between that and a bit of synchronising with the main cast they managed to seem like a whole person in time to get chomped. I particularly liked the cleaner and the exchange 'do you ever feel like you're losing it' 'in my country I was an accountant, I already lost it'. Taking time to humanise immigrant janitorial staff. Kind of a pity it's in preparation for killing and eating them.

The dragon's diet didn't quite make sense. There's other ways to get blood.

I did like though that the coach is going 'I'm in control' and you think it's the werewolf thing and he's been possessed and fighting it, but actually he's just an abusive arsehole and he's pointing out he's boss when he really is. Mostly. Ish. It's several loops of complicated with no right ending. And there's no simple rejoicing after, the cast are like oh shit what did we do.

Very much enjoying the quality of the writing here.

Also I always forget when I'm not watching a British show how much easier it is to read and how much more I can get out of it.

... though this one is a bit making me feel old and disconnected, because youngers world has a set of assumptions that are new to me, and ease of use of computers to stay connected that I realise is simples now but which is still new to me.

... am I going to turn into one of those olders who only watches reruns and things with people my own age?

... or is high school a setting designed to make others feel oooooooold?

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