beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Amanda everywhere

Amanda from Highlander can go everywhere and meet everyone though

distracting Dana Scully

meeting Faith in prison or teaching her after

lifting some priceless egyptian artefacts and getting more than she bargained for - swapping security system tips with Sam or just generally getting along like a house on fire with Vala. Can you imagine the shopping trips?

Parker. Meeting the legend. Yes I've read that already but there's so much scope there.

River Song. OMG Amanda and River Song, time travelling archaeologist and her Immortal girlfriend, bumping into each other across millennia. They would get along far too well.

Alex Danvers. Again, a whole law enforcement and priceless weird artefacts angle. But showing Alex a thing or two. ... I mean I ship the canon ship there too but I haven't seen it yet so it's a bit theoretical. But I'm sure the more the merrier.

Amanda and Sara Lance on Legends would be too easy, but then there's unexpected time travel shenanigans like meeting several centuries apart, and angst when Sara has experience with immortals and hence doesn't trust Amanda an inch, and yet more angst when Amanda learns how Sara is even still alive and that there's a way to bring mortals back, and arguments where Sara has to talk her out of it on the basis it isn't worth it because bloodlust and killing and why bring back a monster with your loved one's face, and then Amanda talking her down because sometimes you have to fight and it even feels remarkably good but that doesn't make them monsters and... hang on, I may have talked myself into 'shipping them, that's a proper plotty one that is. ... though now I'm wondering if anyone else has seen both shows anyway...

Amanda still alive in the furthest futures. Babylon 5 and Ivanova after... everything. Or B7 and Servalan. Robbing her, of course, but how would she feel about her rise and fall? And either way it's a hell of a challenge to stay the shady side and keep shiny with that much future tech around.

And by the time we're up to Starfleet and a post scarcity society you have to wonder what she'd do at all. Something new. Mixed with some very very old. Or perhaps archaeologist adventurers are a theme...

Just, Amanda and anywhere in fannish history.

Or with anyone in Highlander. It's not like there's a shortage. Even if we have to skip back before canon there's a thousand years to do that.

Just, even though a pair of occasionally crossdressing sword wielding lady adventurers is very much my style, it's kind of a bit awkward if I write about Rebecca...

But there should be more Amanda.

(and old fic links should never die)


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