beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

dancing achieved

I can do the dance to Twist and also the new dance we been working on since I turned up and I don't crash in to anyone and I mostly remember it and for bonus points I didn't need any extra sittings down.

I now appear to have done something slightly painful to my... side above my hip? maybe? somewhere slightly vague that only happens when I do an improbable sort of turn and lift. lovely.

and shopping didn't work very well. Five of five alive is only okay because I have a reserve built up, and there was no apple pastry put aside, which I am disproportionately :( about. also I didn't get the bread I wanted because it wasn't there. and a few other bits like that. silly frustrations.

but i have plenty of foods, yaays.

and I did dancing and I'm getting okay at it :-)

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Tags: dances
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