beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Wrath of Kali

I didn't set out to watch an entire episode of Highlander with the sound off and no subs, but the Horror channel persists in not having subs and I didn't feel like sound
so I had it on to play 'name that episode' and

Richie Ryan practising with a quarterstaff.

Wrath of Kali, thanks for those visuals.

I mean I know everyone is Young verging on Very Young now, and the people I've seen I prefer the current versions, but everyone's Immortals anyway so they only look half my age. So that's okay.


It's weird, is all, watching old episodes of people who I know I wouldn't fancy if the show was new to me. Don't know why. Time is peculiar.

Nineties TV picture quality is something else though. Fuzzy much? Swapping between that and the advertising was weird.

Also, Quickenings.
Just, if you're out of the habit of reading them, Quickenings are hilarious.

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