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bunny that's only vaguely relevant to a corner of my fantasy based on GURPS magic rules with all the bells and whistles, but is also a Flash AU:

Okay, so, there's demons that are thaumic elementals, some of them unimprinted and lacking noticeable personality, others pretty much identifying as the human they last bonded with. Bonding kinda has to be willing but with the usual caveats for letter not spirit. Different kinds of magic have different risks so elementalists and healers don't risk calling demons, they risk elementals and undead.

So there's two kinds of being that could claim to be ghosts, and they might secretly be the same thing, and a lot of places call that thing a demon: thaumic elementals with a personality, or non corporeal undead resulting from healer magic.

And anywhere that can call up ghosts has the Hamlet problem: does the new type of being have enough in common you can trust them the same.

So, Harrison Wells is definitely a Scholar, having his own magic, and having done years of magical training after regular university. They'd have sent him back out with enough training to teach but with an obligation to give the Abbey first pick of potential students. He'd know all about the hazards of demons. If his wife was also a Scholar then they'd be exploring the same arts when they set up their research establishment. But if she's a Healer then they would be doing new science, trying to understand why the two react so differently and how to combine them. And 'ghosts' and the varying understandings of them would be an obvious key part of that research.

... I have no idea if they specified Tessa's research area on Flash, wasn't paying that much attention, but the magic gives them different constraints anyway. I mean a more accurate version would be a 'magic comes back' scenario that rips a banestorm above Central, you'd even get the cross universe travel aspect from that one, and an area limited mana storm. See also... Technomancer? The one where nukes rip holes in the 'verse and let magic in. The one with the sentient penguins because testing. ... I have it on a shelf in the other room and can't be bothered to stand up to go check. Eh. Doesn't matter. I could go with a society scrambling to reinvent magic, that would work grand. For a different story. The one with Scholars and their Abbey and so forth is the one in my brain.

Tess Morgan is yet another woman who exists for precisely long enough to get fridged for angsty backstory. I know they like Harry's actor and he probably has a contract but they should have gone out in the multiverse and found couples runnin STAR like they'd intended, or Tess winging it after Harrison's accident. That they don't seems to suggest she's the health and safety half and those universes haven't blown holes yet. Or that she's in a different science and wouldn't particle accelerator, but I don't think that quite fits the dialogue.

What exactly the particle accelerator would be in a new 'verse is the question even the researchers would be trying to answer. Like, can it be built? It's trying to apply modular principles to spell work to take items of small power and use a lot of them in a loop to get really really big power. With magic power means powerstones, which means gemstones. Which means regular business for rogues selling them in the first place and a very tempting dungeon crawl after it goes wrong. But what all that power is meant to do... a single powerstone recharges one point per day, no exceptions. If you have a big enough stone you can fully charge it and do even the biggest spells, say Ressurection. But only about once a year. A loop made of small stones held slightly more than six feet apart would change everything because they could do the same huge spells potentially daily. Also they'd recharge even if no one was using them. But if they somehow mean that a crit fail reacts as if potentially hundreds of spells crit fail at once? Then you get several hundred demons released in a single incident, potentially leading to several hundred magical beings ie metas. Also the scale of the incident would make it very obvious why you don't use powerstones that way even if you can. While still being tempting enough other people might try it. Because what if you could do all that and not crit? Magical industrial age for sure.

Spells that are worth the juice : ressurection and gate spells. both of which poke other realms in different ways. but gates are season two, so...

a healer who can ressurect has at least a little deliberate necromancy, with spirits.

So, the bunny I wanted to write down: Harrison Wells and Tessa Morgan get into a crash on the way to Central. Harrison sees Eobard and only cares if his wife is safe. But in this 'verse Eobard is a demon who can offer speed. So he'd be like, no, but we can get her to safety. Harrison takes the deal because Scholars are not and cannot be Healers, he can't heal her, so he needs to get her to Healers quickly, and scholars specialise so he doesn't have that particular magic. But Eobard is a very powerful demon who wants corporeality, so he steps in and stays in. Has to keep his half of the deal though, because demon, and maintaining willing. But that leaves Tess behind somewhere being healed. And she might have been aware her husband did the stupid thing. Or she might have no idea, and when she wakes up alone she realises he would never leave her and thinks the guy who ran up dumped her and left couldn't be her husband and either thinks he's dead or is just really puzzled. So she summons a spirit and by accident or design gets Harrison Wells.

Except everyone around her would be super dubious about that actually being Harrison Wells, because Wells is running around in Central.

And it indeed may not be, because why isn't he still in there?

But Tess is convinced, and sets out quietly to learn how to get Eobard out and Harrison back in.

Plot where smart eoman has to be smart, instead of fifteen years of unopposed sneakiness. Yes I know they're setting up The Flash, but it's annoying.

Also this version of the plot has no particular necessity for Nora Allen's death. Eobard the speed demon doesn't need to be a time traveller. Except that's kind of the essence of Reverse Flash and the plot of two shows so far.

Henry Allen, healer, would have better options for saving his wife though. ... and worse outcomes if he crits? Ugh, zombie mum, that would be awkward.

Whatever the 'accelerator' is for it is of great interest ro Narry Allen and Eobard Thawne. Gate to time or Ressurection bith key off the same kind of tragedy.

Gate to Time would specifically piss off Time Masters and segue neatly and need the least plot tweaking.

... I don't want to kill all the women when I can give it a new and interesting plot.

A rewrite from the point of view of a living Tessa Morgan and Nora Allen, with help from Tina McGee, is the kind of thing that I don't see getting many readers.

Maybe the search functionality, ease of pairing searches, and relative iselessness of character searches when there's no 'primary character' field, is distorting reader havits ever further?

Or maybe people just don't read about women.

Or maybe I'm being grumpy in advance for no good reason.

Let's face it though, if we populate a 'verse exclusively with fridged women we get a very well populated 'verse and damn near a blank canvas of personalities to work with.

Or there's Jadzia Dax. If I'm doing something with demons that resembles symbiotes then of course there's a Dax 'demon' handed down this one culture that the neighbours don't quite trust, where you have to qualify to bond with a ... spirit? thaumic elemental? maybe they just call them symbiotes? that sounds more like a Familiar gig, but a bit more internal... waaait, magic familiars are standard, they're easy rules, doing that with an implantable animal doesn't take much tweaking at all... huh... but would be a different class of thing? Or are familiars simply animals with a thaumic elemental? Giving insulation from the problems you get from directly bonding and picking up a personality. But not all that much insulation. They still influence their hoste. And there was still a killer in there... Hmmm, though, do I want to do anything new with it? I mean she'd be a model to offer Eobard speed demon a different way of doing things. Oh, Thawne, what if the family have a familiar demon but he's gone off on one and tried to break free of them? Dax vs Thawne and which model is abusive, obviously. How to treat demons when initially they're non sapient and not particularly willful, but can become so. Emergent intelligence, AI, and how to treat children who do not grow up quite as intended.

Hartley, Cisco, Barry, Caitlin, the EoWells tendency to collect brilliant people with a conflicted parental relationship.

Huh, that's a theme right there.

Might make Eobard more sympathetic. Murdering bastard with a tragic backstory. Or is it more like trying to break from slavery by becoming a slaver? Obvious error right there but the politics needs poking because now I'm thinking Magneto and how he keeps on being the bad guy in the movies even though his people have actual problems, because they're being all, he's turned around and decided he's the master race instead, that makes him just as bad. Because that is indeed an error, but how often it gets shown about the only character they bother making canon Jewish makes me uncomfortable.

My intention is to not invent a world without Jews because there's been a lot of attempts to do that irl and I'm not going to even appear to be on that side.

But once you've got institutions based around magic then you either make magic and religion separate (not possible for the priest magic, possibly possible for elementals, Scholars, Healers, and the land bond), or you've made a society bound by rituals and institutions an observant Jew can't participate in.

It's then a question of how far do you want to replicate prejudice, and that's... awkward.

Like, when education was a xtian church based thing, you got Jews shut out of education. So if my fantasy world makes it a Scholar thing, and says you owe the Scholars a year of service for every year of post sixteen education, then either some Jews use or participate in Scholar magic, or Jews are shut out of post sixteen education. Probably there'd be a religious divide and different traditions would do both? But Scholar magic has an irreducible risk of demons, possibly demons claiming to be dead people, so how do existing traditions feel about risking that?

Scholars running the schools seems like the only way a culture would normalise that risk anyway...

I don't know enough about Jews to write them. But I read a few books on medieval history and just have very strong opinions about a lot of it was and was left with an urge to apologise for my ancestors forever. So. Guess I should learn. Which is not simples.

I should learn more all the things, but the more I read on the internet the more I feel that a lot of stuff I read about religion, textbooks and that, was xtians writing about those strange other people, which is... not entirely helpful. Also there's a bazillion varieties of every religion so far, so it's not like one character or their temple can be representative of that diversity. And reading about beliefs isn't much help in writing about daily life and actual practices.

Also I should probably make sure there's Muslims too, on account of similar historical ugh and modern prejudices.

And then... everyone? Else?

Is not simples.

If the fantasy world is populated via Banestorm then it will have all the religions we had, but a different history, so what was small or squished here might thrive there. Sanctuary world could do that on purpose, send the storm to give a new world to them as needs it. But then they'd be growing up with spirits magic and the craft gods would work and everything would be different. But the other traditions would be kept new while the Banestorms kept happening?

I kind of want to write all the ideas at once is the problem.

I mean if I'm doing a flat out fresh fantasy world then I'd only get metaphor Jews, and then you'd need to figure which bits to metaphor, and if that's inclusion then you have to check it very hard for distortion, because metaphor picks up on select stuff.

... but leaving out everyone and starting fresh from the slightly wrinkly blank page in my head is clearly easier.

... boo.

Okay, this isn't massively helpful or productive.

Just, note to self: bring back more women. and populate fiction diversely.
even if the first reason you want to write it is to get pretty men kissing.

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