beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

dear rpg figures designers

female does not have to mean boobtastic
bikinis are not in fact standard issue
that is too much nipple. look, you can't even paint clothes over that, that is going to look weird no matter what. too much.
a surprising number of women do not wear corsets, even in a fantasy genre setting. no, really. also, corsets do not work like that.
Butts don't work like that wither. Just in general. Let alone butts theoretically in medieval fabrics. Or armour.
Whatever muscles you put on the male version of that profession, the female version needs them too.
Or any muscles.
or room for functioning internal organs.
not if they're undead, obviously, but everyone else.
I'm tempted to buy the fat nun figure just to encourage such a radical departure from type. a fully clothed human with waist larger than head? such daring.


at least this one website tags figures by genre and has multiple pages of them?
I remember adventuring with a barmaid because the shop had an extreme shortage of gender options.

I mean I got rid of almost all my figures because of not using them for twenty years so developments in the art are technically irrelevant
but still.

it's a bit annoying I can't get the heroforge page to work, that reckons it's design your own with 3d printing, that ought to be cool.
maybe it'll work on an older version of windows...

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