beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Last night I just stayed awake all the way through because my brain was being super unhelpful
then slept a bit around lunch time.

I'm glad the internet is there for distraction purposes
even if I am now 20 chapters in to a 50 chapter 200K word soulbonding fic in a pairing I don't even 'ship.

It's funny though watching what all the fic writers are doing with that one guy's partner of thirty years
because canon only says partner, and with crime that could be read platonic theoretically easily
but fic keeps treating him like the slash wife
the one who needs written out of the way somehow, or just plain left out, before any new relationship becomes plausible
which is hilarious and how I read them too
but it would be nice if canon actually explicitly agreed.

I am not so fond of writing a canon partner as asexual to make clear they're no 'threat' to the OTP.
I mean, they can be ace if you type that, but they're still partners, you have not dealt with that by saying ace.

I am even less fond though of writing someone asexual as the obstacle in the path of true love as expressed by cock.
I mean, I know there's a wide grey area, but a lot of this fic just ends up seeming unclear on the concepts.

In other tropes : soulmates and soulbonds. If you're going to do the reincarnated together version, which canon actually does in DC with the Hawks, then logically you will eventually end up with age gaps if this time around only one of them got killed. I think the comics did something complicated with Hawkwoman and Hawkgirl? And it would be weird to have your soulmate keep trying to treat you like the person from last incarnation. But in a 'verse with both reincarnation and soulmarks you would logically get people with a darkened or faded or whatever 'widower's' soulmark and then the exact same mark coming back somewhere else about a year later (accounting for some travel time through the afterlife) as one of them gets reborn. Except now your husband is an infant and it's weird. But this loophole is handy for 'verses where ressurection is a frequent plot point. Like, okay, Hawkeye can see his bond mark has come back, but it's going to be twenty years before he's going to deal with that, and let's face it, he isn't expecting to last that long. Or, Mick knows he'll get a new mark sooner or later, and with a timeship he can even skip forward and avoid the wait, but he doesn't *want* to, and is instead in a hurry to... get out of one life and catch up on the next rebirth. It was key last time around when they were in juvie together, he'll probably need him just as much next time.

Like, you can play with reincarnation, but if you skip the part where people are reborn really small then you've got some splainin to so.

Also, if everyone believes soulmarks are a reincarnation thing, major religions would have to be different. And if they don't, that would be one source of religious tension, having different explanations for the marks. And what if soulmarks were more prevalent among a certain social group? What if they were mostly one ethnicity? What if different continents expect different marks? Maybe the really artistic ones are considered primitive by people who have a signature but a growing wave of people who only sign their own name when they can't use a password are getting really into the new wave of, like, scannable soulmarks, that look like they should be like barcodes or qr codes but nobofy has figures the decoding on them yet.

People don't hardly explore the social stuff on the way to the sex, is all I'm saying.

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