beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Dear subconscious: that dream about a threesome with Arthur and Merlin? A+ setup, would dream again.
The bit where the Arthurian characters were soul mates but most of us had died young last incarnation around so everyone was half my age? Not optimal but very plotty.
The thing where we needed a tent, or at least a bedroll, and it turned into an epic quest to find a camping shop willing to sell us stuff and then there was fire and shooting and arrows everywhere?


A little payoff to that setup would not have gone amiss, is all I'm saying.

Also, now I woke up feeling like it was urgently important to figure the optimal load for each of us if we needed to hike up Nethermost Pike and currently only owned the clothes we were standing up in.

Figuring out exactly which pocket knife each of us would use wasn't how I'd planned to spend my Sunday.

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Tags: dreams
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