beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

But whyyyyy is the fanfic bad?

I know why, most of most things is bad
but whyyyyy?

Also unhelpful is that many people have a different idea of how humans work than I do.

Also, I am not older than everyone, but I can be a clear two decades older than actual legal adults, and there's plenty of fandom younglings who are unimpressed with the great eld of actual legal adults.

Which leaves a whole lot of writers who make me feel ooooooold, or do not understand that things were different in the before times, or who write my treasured short list of characters my age only to youth them, with varying degrees of intentionality.

I mean logically there are going to be new to me writers that are awesome, but increasingly I feel I'm more likely to like the usual suspects if I'm lucky enough to cross paths with their fannish migrations. Which is grand when it happens, but, a really long time between stories when it don't.

I should write. Then others can complain about my writing instead.

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