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1990 The Flash was not very good. Characters don't spend much time being people, their off duty activities always exist only to set up the plot, the only woman regular or repeating is Tina, and everyone seems over invested in reading her and Barry as romantic. Including the writers, who put her in formalwear a lot. I don't think she has solved anything with science yet. I'm bored.

It has a weird aesthetic too, cars are from the forties and fifties. Which is very Earth Two.

There was a bad guy from the fifties who cryo froze himself to see the future and then plugged himself in to the TV and uploaded himself. That had a lot of elements from all over that didn't seem to fit together. Like him staying young forever, as if he was a rerun. Filled up some lines of dialogue, contrasted with the old dude coming out of retirement, difficult to feel much about it. I guess it tried?

There was a thing in the lab where Tina had to wait to be rescued rather than sciencing the hell out of it. Boo.

And there was a story for Julio the sidekick, which was full of jazz and black people and crime and prison. :eyeroll:

I'm not finding much to keep my attention. Oh well.

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