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I win at dancing :-)

I remembered the Twist dance I learned last time I went to dancing lessons. And that was many years ago. I danced it like everyone else today.

Winning :-)

I am slightly more of a muddle about the dance we are currently learning, because there's bits where you end up facing backwards and can't follow the same people. But I didn't crunch anyone so that works out.

Thursday routine takes 45 minutes longer when we have to do the shopping backwards and use the back roads :-(

But my juice was there and my apple things were there and I have many foods now, including everything for christmas if I don't eat it first. That's not very impressive, for christmas I cook quorn chunks and steamfresh vegetable bags, and maybe micro chips if mum doesn't want to do roast potato. But she has said she will do the potato and gravy this year so my half is ready.

I don't like the coats on sale at the moment. They happen in too short, and too small, and far too many are too dark. They are not warm and waterproof at once. Most of them are for looking fashionable on the way to the car. What if you want something to function correctly? And why do only worker coats in the yellow have any reflective stripes? Everyone needs to be visible at night, it seems like they could incorporate reflective bits more widely and creatively.

I took a couple pictures of DVD sets I wouldn't mind getting for christmas too so I can tell mum those next time she asks. We're difficult.

I like Thursdays :-)

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