beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

today's episode of 1990 Flash was the second in a row where a black guy died before the opening credits. Why does TV never notice they're doing that?

Also it remains creepy the things a 'hero' will do to hide their secret identity. I don't even know why he thinks he needs to. this ep was all gaslighting his best friend, another police scientist, to make him think he hasn't figured it out. creepy right there, but worse because black best friend called Julio Mendez.

Also the lady doctor helping him with his powers just turned down a job opportunity she's always wanted so she can continue to work with him. and they keep on meeting at romantic fancy clothes dinners. and they had the stay with me please conversation at a wedding. and I just want to yell at her. his metabolism is a great career opportunity if you ever had any intention of publishing, but since you don't, don't trash your career for his. I mean California needs forensic science too but did it ever come up that he could move with her. Did it heck.


Oh how I wish we'd made more and more secure progress.

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