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So it is cleaner day and now there is a new different cleaner person and I must let them in my house and entrust them with the cleanering.
Even though this far they are a person who cannot find the back of the folder... and they keep waving the rubbish bags around and just wiped them over my bags and coats and everything.

Also they appear to be trying to chat even though I am clearly on my computer.
And they started the chat with 'so you go to college' which is guaranteed to make me feel worse about my life because no, no I do not, not since 2013.
If they turn out to be the sort of person who gets offended when the autistic person doesn't chat then that would be awkward.

Bins are successfully emptied though so that's fine.

... why are they trying to put things from the kitchen into the bathroom? If I wanted them in the bathroom they would be in the bathroom, it's approximately three feet away. They are where I put them.

People are baffling.
Also difficult.

I am wearing my pyjamas, which are fuzzy but perfectly respectable long sleeves shirt and trousers. I am feeling judged.

Maybe that's just me though. My day was a late start.

I don't know what the rule is about throwing glass away because there are three different possible rules (regular bin, recycle bin, and bottle bank) and each cleaner has their own version of the rule.

Also I think they just took one of the cleaning products into the wrong room and brought it back again, which is contrary to the rules stated when they got here. Kitchen things say Kitchen and bathroom things say Bathroom and they stay where they are put. Why does nobody care enough about crossing the streams?

I mean it's not even irrational worry, if you mix the wrong cleaners you gas yourself, that's a pretty rational thing to worry about.

... she just used a full size bin bag for the bathroom bin. There are bin bags of the correct size. Why...?

I would really like to just be chill about new and different cleaners, but they do all these things differently, and then I have to apply brain to figuring out if it does in fact make just as much sense.

Applying brain is exhausting.

Also I feel I deserve apple pastry but such things no longer arrive on Tuesdays because I go get them on Thursday. boo.

I decided this was not a day to let the new person hoover. I just have had enough. If that means I have to do it then so be it.

Also, why do people try and come in the front room? There isn't room in the front room. The door is half closed and the chair blocks the entrance once a people is in it. There is a shiny line on the floor dividing Inside and Outside. Why do people try and come in? They can speek to me from six feet away as good as from in here!

I know the internet doesn't really need to know these things but it is a very tense experience every time this cleanering happens so you get the liveblog.

... to clean the floor they put the things from the floor up on the worktop.
Floor things in the food preparation area.
Floor things left on the worktop when she thought she was all done and asked me to inspect.
I am not being angry.
It is taking work.
I have told them that they need to clean the worktop over again
but they say they have to wait for the floor to dry which is fair.

But now they're making small talk about college and my post college plans again.

Heh, they asked how old I am, is that polite? They thought I was twenty five. Me and my shiny silver streaks. 'Well you look good'.

Ugh, I did not expect to be quizzed on what I want to do with my life, I did not think today involved the conversation where nothing I want to do is things I can do, and having to explain one cannot just go back to college because there is no more once you've finished is a bit depressing.
a bit.

okay now she is all done bye bye.

She did not get a cookie.

She probably meant university like a masters degree or something, not more of city college.

But i'm not doing that either.
because it's a lot of money and time when I wasn't really enjoying college at the end and found it very stressful throughout.

I think I've turned into a person who does not use their degree.

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