beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

I get kind of worried when every struggle is phrased in terms of a fight.
I mean, I get it, feeling endangered and attacked means fight.
But we kind of more need the after fight parts?

Like, it's struggle, but it's a work. Many together work. Build and grow and make sure everyone gets what is needed.
Necessary is the part with sitting down together and coming to agreement and making good law.

I mean, that's the bit the fight is manuevering for.
The getting on and living well bit.

So it bothers me, when everything is fight.

Like Star Trek being whoosh booms and not diplomacy, it seems to reflect problem, not solution.

But sometimes there is fight.

Still, I'm finding I'm more a build a wall person than build a jaeger
even knowing how that worked out.
You'd have nice walls still, after.

And this is definitely not me saying not to be angry, have all the feelings, but maybe like Granny Weatherwax, walled up except the stream that drives the turbines.

But I'm the D&D player who really looked forward to building a fortified abbey. All that adventurong all very well, but wanted food place to go home to and all the benefits of peace.

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Tags: cultural studies
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