beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

1990 Flash Sins of the Father

This episode was boring because it was about a father not understanding his scientist son until he sees him punch a guy a whole lot. Like, if that's the only kind of bonding experience works for them, ugh.

Also without the Flash the senior Allen gets dead, so that's depressing and not much of a plot bunny.

I just wonder why they wrote it this way. Like, the episode wasn't 'see dad, forensic science is as valuable to police work as shooting people'. Quite the contrary. It was 'scientists just want to beat a guy's head in too'.

I am not there for that message.

Also the bit at the end when the elder retired cop goes chasing criminals one last time... isn't that basically vigilantism with grey hair? I mean chasing guys around with guns is not generally approved of, right? There's supposed to be education and oversight and reviews of authorised individuals for that kind of thing.

Blergh. Boring episode with nothing interesting for women to do.

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Tags: the flash
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