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I went to see Arrival at the Odeon cinema in Norwich, because subtitles.
Employee found out I wanted to go last night, and I think three or four people juggled their schedules to make it happen, so A+ being an employee there.
I only found out about it being on with subtitles at short notice, and then you never know if there will be a second subtitled screening, so I'm really glad everyone could juggle.
There were like seven, maybe nine people at the showing, and I know my carer ticket was free, so it could be they sold like five seats for that screen for those two hours. I can see why they aren't keen on subs. But if it were easier to find out when they'd happen, say there's a regular timeslot at the sort of times someone with a carer can actually get there, I for one would see more movies.


I knew it was going to require subs because it's all about communication, and xenolinguistics, and if I had to spend half my attention figuring out if that particular sound was even meant to be interpreted I'd probably have not had enough processor spare to appreciate the movie.

As it was, that was really good.

I knew about this movie because Jeremy Renner is in it, but I wanted to go see it because the story it is based on is proper gorgeous. "Story of Your Life" by Ted Chiang. I remember how it made me feel, and aside from the bit that can't be duplicated on a second viewing, Arrival did the same feels. Also did proper movie stuff to make it feel like a big screen. Adaptations always leave you xfingers hoping, but I reckon this was proper good.

If you're into a thoughtful meditation on life and love and time, with aliens, then you should go see this.

If you are more in the mood for whoosh boom then this is a movie for another day.

Also maybe don't go see it specifically for Renner. It is very much a story of the protagonist, Louise Banks as played by Amy Adams, and both Renner and his character are there to support her. Which was good to watch, he's good in it, but you won't get to stare at him all the time or anything.

*mentally reviews other Renner movies*

Actually go see it, he's good and the movie is also good, he gets plenty of lines compared to usual.

But the story is very much about a woman and her daughter and this defining moment of her linguistic career, not the men around her that make it harder.

... ah, I just noticed the flawed bit - I think it's one of those times when they only cast women when they had to be women ie mother daughter wife. Military and intelligence types are men. That's a bit blah.

I didn't notice because it's her story all the time.

I just read the review in the Guardian and I'm wondering what movie they watched, since they got, like, everything wrong? Did they only watch the trailer or the first ten minutes? The only bits they got right were that there's alien first contact and the film is good.

I mean they called Renner's character flirtatious, which, I know my social skills are not the best, but if praising someone's professional work and helping them translate things to aliens is flirting that's a new one on me.

Arrival is a good movie. I'm glad I saw it at the cinema and I look forward to it on DVD.

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