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Leonard Snart, ex wizard

Okay, so, I was hoping to get another couple hours sleep, but, plot bunny from this dream:

DC Legends of Tomorrow meets Young Wizards
and Leonard Snart is a teenage Speech using soon to be ex wizard.

So there's this sixteen year old wizard who turns out to have agreed to two meets on the same day, one with a twelve year old wizard pretty newly off ordeal, one with his older boyfriend. I say sixteen because that's legal in Britain but still very much young enough any multi year age gap is going to seem skanky to the older, and that was a nearly twenty year old Leonard Snart. So he's kind of permanently cranky about this relationship, and on top of that his boyfriend just scheduled work on top of a date.

So now the sixteen year old has a priorities problem.

The youngest wizard went to him because he has a problem and the 16 has recent experience with something similar, except his bugs were very much bigger. And the youngest kind of really wants to talk to him about that whole incident anyway. Because bugs are the coolest. The. Coolest. Ten minutes of Special Interest ramble goes here. Like, okay, wizardry is great, but it's particularly great because you get to talk to bugs. ... it's possible he also has a priorities problem, if only because sometimes the bugs are not going to be one hundred percent in the right, though he is a helpful counter to many humans' tendency to go eeew and decide they're always wrong. But possibly also prioritising necessary because he's turning thirteen soon and starting to find himself distracted by things that are not bugs. Like, specifically, guys. Which seems awkward. He has been ignoring it. Bugs make so much more sense.

So he's here for a consult about this message 16 got from some bugs that are at least of a species with 12's bug friends.

And when Len arrives he finds them happily chattering away and discussing how they're going to get in there to talk with them (like can they just change scales or do they need mochteroof? please say mochteroof, we'd get to *be bugs*, that is so cool... oooh, shapeshifting! what do you mean bad idea *pout*)

And he's getting ignored.

So 16 explains to him a quick precis of the problem, message from bugs saying they need a wizard, and Len frowns and tells him he's flattening the translation in dangerous ways. That wasn't how they conjugated 'need'.

... what? ... how did...?

"You want to watch verb tenses that can mean need-to-eat."

Aaand did it... *pages through manual to the vocab pages*

Len shrugs. "Unknown. They're using the verb for unknown need. That's almost more worrying."

Youngest nods. "Because then it could be anything, eat included, or any other imperative a bug can feel."

Youngest chatters some more but 16 is really not paying attention, because Len just threw himself down on the sofa all stretched out and... yowza.

Like, epic yowza.

Like, this is an awkward time to realise that he really, really wants to blow him.

"... and I'm being boring again, aren't I."

"Wha...? No, no, it's not you, I just..."

Len glances over, as 16 kind of vaguely waves at all of him.

"Oh no. You mean that gets worse?" asks 12.

Len smirks, and, eye contact with his boyfriend, drawls "It gets better. Much better."


So Len adds his two cents to the whole conversation, but now 16 is really and sincerely distracted, because not only is his boyfriend hot, (and cool, like all temperature boyfriend), he's good at his very favourite thing in the universe.

Okay, possibly second favourite.

But the thing he wants to do all day every day... argh, okay, the thing he wants to do *for a living*, geez, brain, focus... Len would be so very good at that...


A problem.

So they decide magic is thrifty, and since Len is here and all, he should come with them.

... in a completely suitable for twelve year olds way.

... brain, why so unhelpful...

And once they're shrunk down and travelling they meet up with some representatives of the bugs, and Len has some translation issues of his own. Like they don't actually have the concept 'obey', he's constructing a new and clumsy version from parts they maybe might understand but don't use that way.

But the apparently bigger issue is that these bugs? The first thing they do? Is slaughter a whole mess of their own. So the wizards can see inside them, to see the corruption.


So, we've got three gay wizards in varying stages of discovering their sexuality. Youngest is new to the concept and pretty much finding it made of awkward and planning to ignore it until it goes away. Middle needs to prioritise, which would be simpler if his boyfriend wasn't so very hot. And oldest is for some reason dating someone several years younger than him, skanky yet legal. And that's Leonard Snart.

Apparently separately, 16 is having trouble with the specificity of translating imperative-need, while Len is constructing hierarchies of power/obedience where none actually exist.

And there's bugs, worried about corruption, convinced it's some kind of biological problem they can learn by dissection.

And magic is thrifty, so whatever these guys think they're there for, the reason it's these three in specific will be because working out their personal issues will help the bugs, and vice versa.

See about there I hesitate to follow through on the logic, because bugs.

It's awkward enough that this is a sexuality plot in a Young Adult 'verse that has thus far skewed young enough first kiss is a big deal. YA kind of goes there, but me writing teenagers kind of wants to censor the thought process down to 'wants to kiss him senseless', even though that's not the actual issue. Like, I'm thinking part of 16's problem is he hasn't sorted desire for intimacy, romance, and sex. So finding this guy sexy is seeming romantic to him when he doesn't actually know the first thing about him. Like, how do you not notice your boyfriend is also a wizard? Extreme distraction.

And then there's the thing where we know Len does not grow up a wizard, and also that he spends most of that time with Mick, slightly older and extremely hot crime husband. How could you get from making the wizard's Oath to doing what Len does, casual murder included? Why would he be dating a younger when he's already met Mick by then? Yes I know it's not explicit canon they were dating, just, that's the issue the bunny was working on. What exactly did Len prioritise above magic, and how did magic try and show him he could still have both?

And how precisely do the bugs play into that?

Because from the 12 we get 'a new need they're processing as intrusive not-self', ie considering corruption and killing victims of, which, wow, do not want to go there, but sadly enough can get to pretty easy. And from 16 there's a layer of 'need poorly understood is poorly prioritised'. But what's the problem for Len?

Hierarchy, obedience, and probably having learnt wrong things about rude words like being someone's bitch. Seeing obey when there isn't any. Having hierarchy incorrectly imposed. That'd put anyone off relationships. And plausibly send him running to a skanky unequal relationship he's very much in control of.

But would lead him into messes in the 'grows and lives well in their own way' department, because he'd be seeing it wrong, and trying to command where magic can be a discussion, and really... supervillain is a state of perception as much as anything, trying to deal with a world they can only see as kill or be killed. Magic should offer a more cooperative viewpoint. Really he's going to learn bad things from these bugs. Why is he here?

Huh, what if he's not just unwilling, he's overshadowed?

Maybe there's an angle that can make giving up his magic a win?

Maybe he does it so he can never use it to hurt anyone (again)?

It would still mean the universe lost a wizard, it never wants to do that, it knows there's a way he could use power responsibly. But it could represent personal growth, just with self worth issues left over. He wouldn't see the good in him, but he'd give a lot to not be what even he recognises as evil.

... cutting it out of him, huh, oh dear, bugs solution is not meant to be Len's. He's meant to stick around and see how the other two would fix it.

But Len grows into a supervillain, so we know he doesn't optimise correctly.

Like, we know he's selfish because thief, but we know the flip side because Lisa says he raised her and we've seen the Oculus. He's a self sacrificing selfish man.

Magic ought to make it pretty easy to bring home diamonds. I mean that's just carbon after a good talking to. So giving it up for crime doesn't make sense.

But giving it up because he decides he's not the kind of guy who should even be able to... that could sadly work.

I don't know, giving up power seems an odd move for a guy who... gave his cold gun to his partner right before 'there are no strings on me'. hmmm.

Different angle: fourteen year age gap between Len and Lisa if actor ages hold true. Len at nearly 20 means Lisa at maybe 6? Fuzzy maths, but, Lisa says her dad didn't hit her until she was 7. So it can't be that Len gives up on wizardry because something bad happens to Lisa while he's on errantry.

... but it can happen to her if he no longer has the wizardry to protect her... oh no, now I don't want this bunny.

See if the oldest wizard isn't specifically Len the bunny can go lots of places, but when it is Len we know he loses. He loses a lot.

That's sad all over again.

And now I have spent an hour and a half typing up a bunny I don't entirely need, and have run out of sleeping in time.

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