beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

It is Unusual Cleaner
as in the usual cleaner is away for a couple of weeks
and already the not usual cleaner has tried to do something unusual with bins
which has previously resulted in throwing the actual bins away by accident
so I may have over explained when attempting to point out what was wrong
but honestly
I couldn't figure out why they were doing what they were doing so I could not compactly correct their error.

Also I would like it if people would stop trying to bring stuff in from the outside bins
because it's rally gross out there
so I don't care if they've only put it down out there for a minute.

I don't think it gets cleaned out there ever.
I guess the twice it was on fire kind of counts.

now they are washing up the new plates
because the plates turn out to be too big for the worktop dishwasher
because inside the top of the dishwasher is all slopes and bumps.

I had not previously had reason to notice that
because why would it be?

But it means my nice new plates are going to be difficult.

But I think she has washed the plates before washing the drying place, so my nice new clean plates are face down on a dirty worktop, which to me does not seem like optimal workflow.

I cannot complain.

I shall wash them again later, like a grown up.
... though the reason I don't do my own cleaning is a tendency to not stop once started, but there's a finite number of plates, so that should be okay?

New makes me nervous.
But my bins are emptied and someone will clean the loo so basic maintenance has been achieved.

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