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1990 The Flash

episode four honor among thieves
opportunity for a Highlander xover
since it has Liz Gracen playing Celia Wayne, a former archaeology student who attempts to steal a gold and ruby 'mask of rasputin', which has some kind of weird flashy effect when light hits the eyes just right that they didn't do anything plot relevant with.
It was a bit sloppy for Amanda but the planning was all by her boyfriend, who set up multiple thefts across town to draw the police off then just tranq shot the guards and smashed the case.

Without the Flash that one would work. Probably all of the crimes, the gold robbery, the bank vault, whatever sneaky thing the lady was getting that was protected by laser, and the guy who just threatened rich people while not even wearing a mask. That last guy had police arrive to catch him though, he'd probably get nowhere.

With the Flash everyone got stopped... but he left them quite inadequately restrained, so I don't know as most of them would stay stopped.

This version of the Flash has him moving objects at super speed much more frequently. He picks stuff up and builds walls from gold bars and other stuff that everyone could do but not that quickly. So far no lightning punching or secondary powers like air vortices. Just doing ordinary things fast and running besides cars like they were stopped.

Also he put a duvet on a car windscreen to make it stop and seemed surprised when it crashed and he got broken bones. Still learning.

Adding this archaeology professor as some kind of second dad that influenced him to be a CSI is a bit odd. Did people need influencing then? Was it not the cool science of choice yet?

The bits where they get the computer to do... anything remain super weird. Like, to get files from multiple cities they had paper files sent in the post. But the computer can match a picture to a file? Someone doesn't quite grasp what the cutting edge looks like and I'm not sure who.

I'm not entirely enjoying watching the episodes for themselves, they're too 1990
but pulling them apart for parts is kind of fun.

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