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I'm reading a bunch of fic with at least one of three different bad guys
and many of them ship them with the good guy
(because I ran out of villain husbands fic to read ugh)
and just
why do so many pit so much work in to explain that
they're not a bad guy really.

I mean, it's not the redemption arc thing, I'm actually looking for that
it's just explaining how we only think we saw them be evil and secretly they never were and that one dead guy deserved it and somehow the bad guy new that when shooting into a crowd.

I mean I know I'm saying this as someone who can find a chaotic neutral angle where he never really meant to kill Ripper for any and everything Ethan Rayne ever did
but Ethan made people change into their costumes
he didn't just, you know, murder people.

And even so, still a nad guy from Team Lawful's perspective.

Also with the Flash it keeps winding me up that fic goes out of it's way to excuse the times they kidnapped the team or that time he killed Barry's mother
ignores everyone else.

I mean Cold shot into a crowd at random to see what Flash and the gun could do
and Eobard killed at barest minimum Stagg and the reporter dude
and Flash knows this and really ought to care.

But even longfic thus far doesn't seem so keen on saying yep, they're a murderer, killed a bunch of people, now what?

And though I've read one fic so far that had Barry notice he's killed people too, it was only one.

Quite a lot of fic seems to take Barry's idea that the difference is they're the good guys and, well, believe it.


Also? Someone loving a person and doing everything to protect them doesn't actually make the everything good, or not-evil. Evil is in the act, not the motive, and a lot of things get done in the name of protecting their own.

Every villain is a tragedy, because every villain had a million different people they could be and right now they've ended up in the dark.
Explaining that away is just the wrong approach.
The interesting part - the tricky part - is seeing how to get from their back to the light.
Because the actual point is, that's always available.
You can get there from anywhere.
Redemption or enlightenment, that arc can start in the darkest places.

But explaining how everything they did was secretly okay is the exact opposite of what they'd need to get to either.

Every villain thinks they're justified, and every cillain is a tragedy, unless they turn out to be that bit of the story where they're up a tree and now the tree is on fire.

Don't just gild a treehouse in the flames, figure out how to get them out again.

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