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Yesterday had Many of things in it. Had to go to Fakenham to see an opthalmologist, but that turned out to be for no reason, which is always a relief. While we were there I looked in the furniture shop and the recliner options are still divided between awesome yet too expensive considering my brother will draw on them and not awesome. I looked before the eye tests though, they put stuff in my eyes so looking became a complex and unfocused exercise for a while.

I did not go dancing in the evening because quite enough already had I done.

But I did get the shopping done, so I have many foods now.
even if the quorns are still not in stock properly.

Today I ordered takeaway for takeaway day, even though it used up all my change.
Then I failed to eat much of it, and was left with about half the minimum order untouched while I feel too full.
Then I remembered why I was planning to stop doing takeaway day.

I've taken it off the to do list this time, maybe I'll remember next week.

My life, so exciting.

I watched Five Deadly Venoms, martial arts movie that has been sitting on the recorder box for ages waiting for me to be in the mood. It was pretty good and I'm sure the moves were plenty impressive but I kept on noticing the rhythm with the little pauses in. Also if they're going to climb up the wall and hang off it at implausible angles it kind of messes with your suspension of disbelief. They could at least pretend they're doing it with momentum or have their toes hooked into something. Also also red paint doesn't actually make very convincing blood, especially when there's no holes for it to come from, and torture is just nastiness, even if the point was that there was no such thing as justice when the courts relied on torture. And the ending where they give up on vengeance/justice because the replacement officials would be just as corrupt anyway is kind of a downer. But does give an excuse for having all these random kung fu masters in the first place. I'd critique the roles for women but I think the only women in it were some random dead ones. So, not going to be one of my favourites.

Am now tempted to rewatch Iron Monkey to remind how it's done right.

Maybe later.

I also want to rewatch all the superhero TV too. They've got a lot in common. Except in The Flash instead of needing to because of corrupt officials they kind of are the corrupt officials, given the breaking their own rules and having a private prison bit. Their justice should work better enough the Flash should work within the system. It's awkward.

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