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I have started watching The Flash
the one from 1990.

It is so very from 1990.

It is also trying really hard to look like the Batman movies, but with more glowsticks.

I keep thinking 'but why is the lighting... 1990' or 'but why would they need to... 1990'
and it's a trip
because I'm realising consciously how long ago 1990 was
even though it's a perfectly reasonable year I can actually remember and I remember getting posters for this show.

It's like when I watched time travel or flashback shows in the 90s and they went back to the 70s. Or, actually, sometimes, 60s.

And now I'm realising how my parents must have felt, that weird combination of 'but it wasn't that long ago' and 'shit that was a long time ago.'

Most stuff I watch doesn't give me precisely this feel because it's either trying to be different planets or I'm used to it or both. This I haven't watched since it was first on and it's trying to be like cutting edge CSI stuff and I just... 90s.


It's weird stuff like realising the on screen text is so huge because the expected screen size was so small.

Also that the graphics on their computers are a bizarre mix of far too good and really really bad.
Why would they even make an animation of a leg muscle to convey that data?
Because moving images show just how cutting edge the computers are, because 1990.

The fashion, on the other hand, has some characters making me frustrated I can't just go and buy their outfits. Because I have become that person whose sense of style froze when they were a teenager. Though I'm specifically missing trousers that aren't skinny and shirts that cover everything a shirt should and nice useful waistcoats, so it's not exactly style, more my usual frustration with the apparent fabric rationing in ladies wear.

In opinions that are actually specifically about the show: they gave him a brother just so they could kill him off and leave Barry all Dark Vengeance. He electrocuted the guy who did it. But it didn't kill him, somehow, because... that's the line that makes Flash a bad guy? It's okay to throw him at the electric pylon if he's still breathing after? I'm entirely blah about this. I mean I don't see why him being a CSI isn't motivation enough without stories that keep killing off his relatives. On the other hand it could be several kinds of worse, and there's whole numbers of living relatives around, and they didn't kill anyone's mother, so I'm left actually more frustrated with more recent versions.

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