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Sometimes I look at all this rhetoric about getting disabled people into work
and I'm just, like,
what work precisely do they imagine me doing?

Does it involve Heatwave and Captain Cold?
Because at the moment I can only concentrate on Heatwave and Captain Cold.
My brain is full of them.
A handful of episodes of the Flash, one season of Legends of Tomorrow.
Two characters.
That is what my brain is deigning to concentrate on at the moment.
And that alone.

If someone, quite reasonably, expected me to think about something other than two fictional characters
anything other
then that someone would be as out of luck as I currently am.

Even if they were offering me shiny that could be exchanged for more heatwave and cold.

I would certainly try under those conditions, but I have been trying at home, and still I reach the end of the day having forgotten at least one meal and failed to read whatever book I picked up.

I know the pshrink long since told me to call them special interests, but I don't think that quite conveys the situation sometimes, since it seems to imply there's room for any other interests at all.

This was easier when I was at college and got obsessed with Hamlet. There's actually quite a lot of canon Hamlet if you count all the performances separately, and then there's so much lovely meta to dive into.

Not so much with Rogues.

And comics rogues aren't the same anyways, so small help there.

Also, no matter where I look, I will still run into the frustration that is actor statements of character pansexuality plus writer statements referring to them as like an old married couple, or, after the sad bit, calling the survivor a widower, *and yet* never getting any canon to that explicit effect. Always 'like'. Never just married. WTF TV why so frustrate.

Is it just my narrow set of science fiction viewing that finds so few canon queer characters or couples? Arrowverse gives some but frustrating differences in how relationships treated remain. Lost Girl had many excellences but not so many m/m. Torchwood remains distinctive. Buffy even seems to be doing quite well. If I happen to want to filter for queer couples where nobody queer gets dead though, that... that gets much more frustrating.

... aaaand I sat down actually to respond to articles about current government efforts to get disabled people into work. But ended up writing about queer characters in SF. Because my brain does not steer.

Point made.

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